Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DDR Blog Challenge !!

 . . . . Shhh . . . !      It's after midnight, and Monja is sleeping, so we're going to PLAY!!

I know we're all missing DDR, and suffering withdrawals from the shop, the forum, and the gallery, so I'm going to host a challenge here!  Ready?

Your challenge is to create a layout showing your favorite thing(s) about DDR.  Maybe it's all the incredible goodies in our shop, maybe it's leaving comments for our awesome gallery layouts, or maybe it's someone you chat with in the forums or just chatting there in general,or maybe even something you learned in a challenge or tutorial.  In your layout, show me your favorite things.  We'd love it if you used your DDR kits.

You'll need to save your layout at 600x600 pixels, at 72 dpi, and no more than 120K file size.  Then, since we can't post to the gallery yet, attach the file to an email message giving credit for what you used, and send it to:        DDRchallenge (at) gmail (dot) com.

Oh, did you think you weren't going to get anything but fun for creating a layout??  Good thing she's sleeping, because I've decided that there will be at least 2 winners from those sending layouts. 

Look at the post under the Luggage Tags.  Do you see those previews?  That's the absolutely gigantic (over 1 gb !!) new collab from our fantastic DDR design team for the month of November called "We Are Family" -- that's what you can win!

So what are you waiting for??  Get busy!



  1. Janet what a great idea this is, now I'll have to see what I can come up with, I have an idea brewing in my head, wait that's not always good LOL

  2. Aw..I missed this challenge. I did not blog the whole day because my internet was down.

  3. Hi - I am just wondering when the deadline for this challenge is.
    i just noticed it and thought i would jump in, but I dint have time today any longer :(


  4. well, that´s fun!!! so why not having deadline on friday?
    i´m so bad at time zones so i would say i put all layouts arrived on saturday morning so you have for sure time until friday evening :-)

  5. Oh Janet.
    So good to see you here around and than with a challenge.
    I already get a little shaky.

    One of the good things of DDR to me is Janet and all the people i've met here. Can they all be put in a LO??