Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I don´t wanna scream too loud...

.... but the site is BACK!
Our programmer could fix anything, we still need to make some little adjustments so if files are missing or functions don´t work - it would be great if you leave a message here so we have everything in one place :-)
But I tested the shop, forum, gallery, chatroom - all that is working fine :-)

It might be that we need to take the site off again for a small while but that´s then just mantainance and we are adding some more updates.

So now, if you need any orders reset - you can write me with the order number and I´m happy to do it. (info at digidesignresort dot com)

... oh and Janet - I SAW it LOL - have lots of fun anyone - please participate in the challenge, I´m so happy we are back that I´ll add another prize:

1. FREE membership to Safari Lounge
2 and 3: MegaCollaboration Kit "We are family"

Winners will be choosen here in a poll!!!! And, if you like, the gallery is up again so you can post there and link us to your layout


  1. Wow that's a great addition Monja.
    I'm thrilled the site is back.
    I did my layout last night late and sent it out this morning.

  2. Great! I've just visited the site but not tested it yet. I will post my LOs now.