Wednesday, January 13, 2010


hi everyone,

first of all - thanks for all the awesome emails, the notes everywhere - i´m SO happy you miss ddr as much as we do. i promise this will be the last time that we are offline for some days!
in these days it´s hard today to protect your site from hacks and such and you can just do that when you choose the highest available technology - so more than important to invest in this even if it´s painful right now.

Yesterday we got the note that the new server is ready for us! So right now byte by byte is transferred to our new home. We are uploading day and night (WHEW!) but I cannot say when it´s done. I hope that we are back on Sunday but depending on speed, etc it might be a day more.

I´ll let you know and also how we are going to celebrate when we are back!!!!
Not sure if you have that but here in Germany we make a party when we are at our new home because we believe that brings luck :-) Mostly we give the new owners salt and bread to make sure they will never suffer.

Do you have that/do something similar?


  1. We do have a party when we move to a new house in Indonesia. We pray together so that no bad luck will come to the house.
    I found in India people give house warming party when the house is half done so that it will be saved from evil eyes (someone who is jealous) so that there is nothing bad will happen to them. They believe that if someone who's jealous looking at their finished house, they will not find happiness in it.They do some prayers too.
    Good luck to you. I'm waiting for your good news.

  2. Oh dear oh dear.
    What a trubleshooting new year.
    I am happy DDR strikes back.
    We'll be patient and
    please keep up the good work.
    Miss you..........


  3. Best of luck with the new move and all the hard work. Very much looking forward to seeing the new site. I sure miss checking in :D