Sunday, January 17, 2010

How I became fan of the little dragon

Well, not completed - but we are on our new home - our domain is there and most of the data. I was shocked when I realized that over 120 GB of data had to be transferred. But as a team these things won´t get us down, no the DDR girls simply put their minds and internet connections together and started uploading - and here we are - NEARLY back.
After a week of hoping and praying and MISSING we are just a foot away from back up online. So I believe if everything goes fine we should be back today, latest tomorrow...whew.

Was it worth?
as I told you - the old host drove me crazy. I always recommended them but last Monday we decided - enough is enough! Not that their support got worse and worse so was their communication with me. Whenever a problem appeared they simply disabled the site, not talking to me before which made it feel truly unfair as normally noone is on the PC for 24 hours.

But not enough with that - when we started the transfer last week everything seemed to go well until they decided that they cannot provide us a backup for the site as it´s simply too big. The new host which was a great support - suggested them some other ways to get the site over but they refused it all.

So with the new host´s and Diego´s help we simply did it ourselves.
Another thing is that Hostgator offers more security options and so we can improve the security and with it the security of your data MORE - and that´s worth all the inconvenience, isn´t it?

Thanks to an awesome support during the whole process I can tell you that I now got a fan of Hostgator and their little dragon :-)
So when you are looking for a good webhost which helps you to get your site up and running - here you go!

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