Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mission to Mars - Space Cadets Freebie

Mega Free with Purchase New Release at Digidesignresort today.

Plus my terrable sense of humour sneaks into the post again - New Designer Paulette is in store with WORD ART - yeeepppeee - Fabulous new freebie in store by Silke and all this brought to you by Carena's Designs (silly postings LOL) and the team at Digidesignresort.
Mistica Designs and myself (Carena's Designs) have teamed up once again to bring you a fabulous new offer for the store. Everyone is sick of winter so why not brighten up your day and go shopping and get these 2 kits FREE. Our creative team have been falling all over themself to get their hands on this kit and have been busy working to bring you some example layouts - see further down the post at just a couple. They have totally outdone themselves and produced excellent layouts. I'm sure you will agree.

New FREE WITH PURCHASE in store Today.

Spend $10 and get Part A - spend $20 and you get Part A as well as Part B seen below. No need for coupons - it jumps straight into your cart for you. Digidesignresort makes it easy for you.

Available for FREE at Digidesignresort with $20 purchase in store.

With all the amazing designers we have in store - that's so easy to do. I hope you enjoy our new collaboration Super Special in store. Here are some layouts to inspire. If you want to see more - that's easy just click on the button in store to view more layouts. I think this is an excellent way to really get the feel for a kit. Enjoy

Above layout by Carena (me LOL) Never know whether to talk about myself or speak in the third person. LOL. I hope you like my layout but just look at the next two layouts I have for you - OMG they are A M A Z I N G.

Layout by Charliesnana - Shari - OMG this really knocked me when I seen this in the gallery today - totally gorgeous - fabulous extraction work - loved it to bits.

Above layout by Anna1972 - WOW just look at that cluster work - Stunning and what a gorgeous little girl. Can't stop viewing it when I'm in the gallery - just have to take another look at it. Totally Awesome.

We have a new designer in store - Please welcome Paulette - Word Art Magician and goes under the name of TlcCreations.
This is just one of the new products she has added to the store in the last 24 hours. She is so new that the store Creative Team haven't had the chance yet to weave a little magic of their own with Paulette's excellent word art but I'm sure they will very soon. Keep an eye out for those gorgeous layouts to come in the gallery.
I however did take a little time out from a busy schedule to do this layout using one of the many freebies Paulette has at her blog. Thanks so much Paulette.
Kit: Charming by Carena's Designs found here.

and another fabulous kit and layout

The reason for featuring this kit today is for the following layout that really caught my attention in the gallery today.
Layout done by Sevochka. I just must be in one of those moods again because it grabbed me - I wondered though whether the bride might be better to have had her thumb on her husband rather than dangling him in mid-air. LOL. I just seem to have such wicked thoughts. What do you all think? LOL Poor husbands - we all have such fun at their expense some times but, well we love them 99.9% of the time - especially when they put the rubbish out.

Silke is todays sponsor for the freebie - see below. The following are a couple of the layouts I found in the gallery using this cute kids kit that I want to share with you all. Well done Silke - another great kit for the resort store.
Above layout by Charliesnana (Shari) - Just loved this layout, really caught my eye - but wondered if a title of Bottoms Up might have been better LOL Mission Mischief is a great title also. Fabulous work - well done.
Above layout by emst (Elaine) Gorgeous work. Elaine loves to do extractions of children - if you get the time, check out her gallery - you'll find lots of inspiration there.
Todays freebie come to your by Papier Studio (Silke)


  1. Looks like everyone is busy at DDR!!!
    Welcome Paulette!
    Great kits!
    Great LOs...

    Did I forget something? If i did then... it will fall under GREAT JOB EVERYBODY!!!

    :) Love and Scrapping :)

  2. WOW! Creana! Looks great!
    Paulette ... love your word art! Welcome!

  3. Wow....what awesome creations.....it is so much fun to be part of such a creative group of designers. Thank you so much for that wonderful welcome and to all of you that have welcomed me, happy to be a part of all the great energy~!

  4. Carena,
    fabulous post about all the things going on at DDR!!! That makes it easy to be "up to date"

  5. Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

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