Monday, June 13, 2011

Croaked Freebie by Carena

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Featured Designer – Carena’s Designs and FREEBIE for you.

1. Do you keep a wishlist? If so, what is your MOST WANTED item at the moment?
I don’t keep a wishlist as mostly if I see something I want I am very impulsive and just buy it straight away.

2. What is your designing routine, i.e. do you get a snack, put on music, get organized and then work on a kit until its finished or do you pop in and out as time allows?
My designing routine is – hopefully I get really inspired to kick start things off, and then I will work on it for several days on and off (sometimes a week and more). During this time I hope like crazy my inspiration continues to stay with me or the kit may well end up in the scrap heap. LOL. Sometimes I get even more inspired during this process of several days and the kit sometimes ends up going in a totally different direction and I think it’s times like this that I
come up with something exceptional. How on earth this happens I have no idea, but I just get lucky.

3. When you scrap, do you use your own products?
I most certainly do scrap my own products – Usually I will scrap 4 layouts with every kit. Not only that I also love to make clusters which I know so many people love and enjoy. There is nothing better to start off a page with a cluster. It really makes it easy for you.

4. What is your all-time favorite product OR what is your best selling
My favorite product often is my latest and greatest kit as I so often feel that it’s better than my last. LOL. I’m constantly striving to improve all the time. You can never learn enough in photoshop and there are so many ways to do things – truly is amazing program and it seems you never outgrow it.

5. What are your reasons or motivations for digital scrapbooking?
My motivation and reason are to scrap my only daughter and family. It doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love to design and scrap. I don’t think I could possibly have continued for the last 5 years otherwise.

6. What is the best food you ever ate? Describe.
Oh, my best food I’ve ever eaten, Hmmm not sure I have a favorite but it would have to be something sweet, creamy and delicious. I’m afraid I have a sweet tooth that needs feeding. LOL.

7. Where is your “happy place?”
My happy place is at home. I’m a real home body but my next favorite place is up any of the Pacific Islands somewhere tropical in a lovely resort relaxing by the pool or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters looking at all the stunning fish and corals. Just love doing that. The kit “My Beach” was photographed at Samoa at a holiday we had there last year. So even when on holiday – my scrapbooking is never far away from me. Just can’t help myself.

8.. If you won the lottery, how would you spend the winnings?
Oh I so wish, I wish, I wish – OK lets see. I’d buy my dream house, furniture and car, and some investment property and put some money on term deposit. Also, currently I’d help with some of the current world disasters – EG. Japan, and closer to home – Christchurch, New Zealand. Yes, I’m a Kiwi Girl and Christchurch city has been devastated with the recent earthquake. The central city will be years to rebuild. It’s really hard to believe the damage down there. We actually had 5 days in Christchurch in January and seen so many of the building then that now don’t exist now. So sad for such a beautiful city.

9. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you chose and what would you want to talk about?
Oh now this question makes me sad – I’d like to meet my dad. He died when I was just 5 years old and I really don’t remember much about him and many of my memories aren’t mine but what I’ve been told from my mum.

10. What else should we know about you?
OH I don’t know what else you might want to know. Really I’m just a ordinary person. I’m a single mum and loving it. I take care of my elderly mum so we have 3 generations in the house aging from Caitlyn almost 9 up to mum who will turn 79 this year. It posses it’s own problems as I’m sure you can imagine but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m also a Cub Scout Leader and we have about 18 cub scouts ranging from ages 8 to 11 years. We all love to go camping and all have a great deal of fun together. This was my inspiration for my kit: Outdoor Wilderness Adventures Kit. See again – my inspiration coming from my life.

Anyway, if you have questions – ask away and I’ll see if I can answer.
Thanks for reading all this and I hope you have had the chance to get to know me a little better.

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Check out the Slide Show of Layouts
with Croaked Kit by Carena
Above a layout made with todays Freebie
As you can see with just a few elements it's possible to make a fabulous layout.
The simple photo overlay really can make a layout POP of the screen.
Here I simply use eraser tool with soft edge and erased the all the hard edges of the photo with 100% brush and then lower the opacity and erase again aground the edges to help it blend onto your page better. Lastly I lower the opacity of the photo image so it blends with the paper background further. Really is simple to do - I hope you try this technique out. Enjoy
Freebie by Carena Availabe at Digidesignresort - Limited Time HERE


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