Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Story Book and a freebie

Remember the old stories, curl up in the chair and let grandma tell you a story.
Reminisce the heritage provided in an old book.
The kit has been made with brown pod, silver sand, clinker red, tumble-weed green, red devil, camouflage, rustic red and granite green.

It contains
10 background papers
2 room/scene papers
50 elements, window, chair, clock, doll, harp, books, rocking horse, lots of greenery, flowers and many more vintage items.

Cluster set 1 contains: 2 frame cluster and 3 clusters.
Cluster set 2 contains: 2 frame cluster and 3 clusters.
Special thanks to Emst and CharliesNana

Created and saved at 300dpi
12 inch x 12 inch
License Includes: Personal use, Scrap for Hire, Scrap for Others friendly
Layouts created by Emst and CharliesNana:

Here is a small gift for you all to enjoy, a quickpage created with the Story Book scrapbook kit:
Here is a sneak peak at a collab made with StarSongStudio and ManuScraps that will be in store this weekend

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Freebie by Silkie

Dear Digidesignresort Friends,

If you have ever wanted a truly beginner's guide on digital scrapbooking - check out our DVDs. Each of them contains not just tons of Megakits, Clusters, and Quick Pages but also valuable video tutorials which show you easy step by step guides to fantastic scrapbooking techniques.
BRANDNEW "Hawaiian Party Luau" Isn't that gorgeous?
FREE with Purchase!!!!
Have a look at these fabulous layouts so you can see what you can do with the kit:
Our beachbabes came up with a gorgous addition to these beautiful kit!

OUR NEW Collaboration Kit "Magic Breath" - now on Sale
And here an example what you can do with it....

New and Noteworthy!

Double Saturday with TWO FREEBIES today!
Today's Freebie is created for you by Colleen Lynch!

Today's Freebie is created for you by Papierstudio Silke!

Freebies are only available limited time (approx. 3 days) so please hurry to grab yours.

Friday, May 25, 2012

This weekend Newsletter Freebie and tutorial by Silke

Hi, all.
Silke here (from Papierstudio) and I came to tell you that it is very easy to make unique digital scrapbooking background papers with comercial use overlays using blending modes in Photoshop.

For example - From my store I used 3 products (all with commercial use license):
- Soft Art Papers MediterranĂ© (CU/PU/S4H)
- Grunge Paint Overlays (CU/PU/S4H)
- Grunge Textures Overlay (CU/PU/S4H)

Using Photoshop, I used blending modes like here below:

See here details of how I did the blending modes on each layer and also changed the opacity % of some layers:

My newsletter freebie for this weekend here at DDR (for few days only) I did following like I wrote in this tutorial:

Thanks for visiting our blog!
Happy Scrapings and a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Water Lily Kit by StarSongStudio Just Released

This full size kit with 16 12" x 12" papers and 56 elements (300 dpi) is filled with water lilies that I photographed and carefully extracted. The kit has a soft "painterly" effect patterned after the impressionist paintings of Claude Monet.

Get it here while it is 25% off for its release.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Software for Digital Scrapbooking

Software for Digital Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is extremely popular in the United States and over time gets more and more popular in other countries as well. But nearly every day I have emails from scrapbooking beginners who like to learn more about the utilities they need to get started. Here an overview over the best digital scrapbooking software.

There are lots of different
software programs available to do digital scrapbooking but you do not really need a special one - each individual graphic program that opens JPG and PNG files are fine. You can even use older graphic programs. Common graphic programs are Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, iScrapbook, ScrapbookMax, Gimp, PaintShop Pro, MyMemories Software Suite and Photo Impact.

Graphic programs work all more or less
equal. You can open files, transform them, place them on the scrapbook, blend them in - all this and much more works in every graphic program but might be slightly different. With all of these programs you can create beautiful scrapbooks.

But there is one
significant difference between the typical digital scrapbooking software suits such as MyMemories, Scrapbook Max, and iScrapbook and the image editing software such as Photoshop Elements.
While you can use Photoshop Elements
combined with all kind of bundles from any store you have to buy from the MyMemories, Scrapbook Max or iScrapbook Store to employ their digital scrapbooking kits. You can't add other files into their software.
Sooner or later the typical digital scrapbooking software suites will
limit your inventive thinking. In some you cannot add photo masks, in others you can't extract people from pictures.
Photoshop is also not the first choice for a digital scrapper - for one reason: it is very expensive. The better choice is Photoshop Elements. While the other mentioned programs maybe also a great choice I highly recommend Photoshop Elements for
many reasons

• if you want to switch to Photoshop later you already know most of the program
• great value for your money, e.g. you have a photo organization software included: you can star and tag your
pics or sort into categories
• it's not more expensive than the other suites
• it contains several pre-made, easy-to-use effects such as photographic effects, color correction, or lightening and exposure. Additionally you can create and order photo prints, photo books, photo calendars, and much more directly out of the program.
• You can share your creations out of the program with online albums, as email attachments, Facebook, and several more.

Some reasons might be a personal
choice but because Photoshop is a standard software for image editing there are also many 3rd party apps such as Actions, Styles, and Filters available.
So all in all the investment into Photoshop Elements is the better choice.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Free Mother's Day Printable!!!

Dear Digidesignresort Friends,

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms, grandmums, soon-to-be-mums and anyone willing to celebrate Mother's Day! And here is .... (drum rolls please) our Mother's Day Present for you! We have just released the new Artist Studio DVD 7... but not just for a GOOD price but for the BEST ever Mother's Day price! So.... if you do not have a Mother's Day Present or if you just want to do something good to yourself - here you go!  
PRE-SALE PRICE * PRE-SALE PRICE * PRE-SALE PRICE Digidesignresort Beginner DVD "The Artist Studio" Volume 7 $189.00 $32.00 Save: 83% off
We add the kit "Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friends" 
but JUST until Tuesday, Midnight GMT
This collaboration kit is for all special women in your life - your mum, your daughter, your sister or "just" a friend - anyone who means something special to you.  This kit contains: 43 papers 93 elements 19 word art and is created for you by AurelieAzurBenthaicreationsButterflyDesignsCali DesignsColleen LynchMemoriecreationsPrelestnayaPPetEl DesignsDesytka DesignsJanetB Designs, KeepsakeGarden DesignsMaria DesignsSaskia Designs and Studio4
Why are the Artist Studio DVDs so special? The Artist Studio DVDs are a really unique presents because you get them NOWHERE but at Digidesignresort. They do not just offer gorgeous GIGAKITS for an absolutely fantastic price but also videotutorials with tips and tricks for digital scrapbooking - whatever DVD you choose you are introduced to the world of Scrapbooking and photo editing! Are the Artist Studio DVDs just for beginners? Not JUST but also because of the tutorials which help you to get started. But also if you are an advanced scrapper you will not just enjoy creating fantastic unique layouts with our included kits but you will also learn the one or other new trick from the videos. This means that the Artist Studio DVDs are the only product on the market which does not just look absolutely professional (with printed DVD label, covers and delivered as a real DVD and not a downloadable product) but the include a massive value - you can even use the kits on the DVD for your small business because all our kits are Scrap for Hire friendly!
This DVD is NOT a downloadable product but will be shipped to your address added here in the store (so please make sure it is correct).
Wherever you are
shipping and handling is already included in the price!!!
Capture the Past. Share the Present. Create Memories that Last a Lifetime.
The Artist Studio DVD also includes 100s of unique elements and backgrounds to create perfect scrapbooks for both beginners and experienced scrapbookers. Digidesignresort recommends Photoshop Elements but you can also use any other image editing program.
What is included - in detail: We have prepared this unique DVD very carefully for you so you really have all you need to get started, use for your small business or to give a wonderful gift.
Digidesignresort MegaCollaboration Kits: 1. A Summer Morning  

A summer morning is a peaceful time when the sun rises, rabbits run around and birds sit in the trees to welcome the morning.
For all this and more the kit "A Summer Morning" is designed. With its soft pastel colors it will underline the beauty of your layouts.
This kit contains:
50 papers
150 elements
2 templates in PSD Format
It is created for you by Azur, Juli, Cali, Carena's Designs, Helena Monteiro, Lynn Griffin, MaChabiene, Pascale, Saskia Designs, Butterfly, Carena's Designs, Cornelia, Kakleidesigns, Maria Designs, Mistica Designs, Memoriecreations and OsDesigns.
2. April Rain
In April the days become longer and the rain warmer - slowly we get a feel for summer and start to enjoy the days outside. This kit is created for you in wonderful pastel colors for all kind of layouts - not just about spring. This kit is created by AquariusAurelieColleen LynchJulietteKakleidesignsKeepSakeGarden DesignsMariscrapMediterankaMistica Designs, PliscrapSarayanneSaskia, Studio4, and Tricia Curtis.
3. Enchanted Spring
What a gorgous kit! This kit is not "just" for spring but for the whole year - it´s fresh and elegant but also contains enough flowers to make your layouts look just gorgous. Papers 16 Elements 35 clusters 2 alpha glitter sheet
What a gorgous kit! This kit is not "just" for spring but for the whole year - it´s fresh and elegant but also contains enough flowers to make your layouts look just gorgous. Papers 17 elements 38  glitter styles word art 5 clusters 7
4. Fairy Tale
Here is a wonderful, magical kit for you! It´s created for you by our designer team with lots of sparkles and a little magic. It contains 102 elements and 60 unique papers. Not everything is shown on the preview.
5. Make A Wish  
This kit is huuuuuuuge!!!! We have 14 downloads for you! This is such a hugs kit with over 30 papers and tons of unique elements - ballons, wordart, cakes, cupcakes.... whatever you can think of and whatever you need to make layouts from your last party!
A Joyful Candy Christmas
A Joyful Candy Christmas is a kit full of warm christmas colors! It´s perfect for all those christmas and advent photos as well as your christmas cards! It´s full of cookies, pines, snow, little girls and boys, birds, a squirrel and all the great things you just get at christmas time! It contains 23 wonderful and unique papers and 65 elements.
Cluster & Quickpages
Fantastic Clusters & Quickpages for EACH KIT included! Videotutorials (added soon in detail) The whole DVD has a value of $189.
  Find ALL new products HERE

New and Noteworthy!

  Today's Freebie is created for you by our Beachbabe Britnkaysmemaw2! This awesome kit "Magic Breath" is now on special!!! Save 24%
Freebies are only available limited time (approx. 3 days) so please hurry to grab yours.