Saturday, October 6, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking Kit - Vintage Fantasy Mini by Mistica

I have always loved all kind of vintage stuff. I found it fun when my parents in law moved from their house here to Bavaria because we had to clean the whole attic and basement. During the 20 years they had lived there they had collected SO much stuff which was no longer in use but was showing the history of the family. We even found my hubby’s old kitty cuddle toy with her head half hanging down. When we first started to clean up I always grabbed my camera when we went there. I think I took 500 photos during the three weeks it took us to clean up the house, bring stuff to the garbage dump, sell other or simply store it to bring it to Bavaria.
It was summer so I was lucky enough to take my photos outside. Here are some tips if you ever clean up your attic or just want to take photos of objects to extract and use with your own designs.
5 Tips for creating personal digital scrapbooking layouts:
  • Be creative: you cannot just take photos of stuff you find in your attic but also from the tree bark to blend the photo into the background, this makes your layout or design more personal
  • Take pictures very close and far away – you never know for what you need them
  • If you take pictures of objects do not put them in the sun (that results in unwanted shadows) but under a sun umbrella or under a tree (again, be careful with the shadows)
  • You can take the best pictures on a cloudy day
  • Take pictures of old cuddle toys, presents, cards, tickets, self-made items – they all might tell a story and are worth to be scraped.
I remember well that my father in law shook his head about me taking tons of pictures – but although he couldn’t understand what I was doing with them he helped me to arrange them on the table before he throw many of these items away. At that day I didn’t know that exactly these pictures would be very valuable half a year later when he did of cancer.
Here is the outcome of my photo session (not just that days though):

The Digital Scrapbooking Vintage Collection DVD

The digital scrapbooking Vintage Collection is a DVD with 20 separate products you can find at Digidesignresort. But for best value you might like to purchase the DVD, it is on special right now:
Here is a PDF file with all the content of the DVD so you can have a look at it upfront. The product comes with commercial use rights so you can create your own kits and products from this collection and sell them. The DVD is not downloadable (although you can additionally download if you wish, just send me an email). It will be shipped to the address you provide in the store.
PLEASE NOTE: When you click on the image you can see all the products included in the DVD or check out the PDF file above.
Here a small foretaste with all the beautiful layouts created by our Creative Team, the “Beachbabes”:

Here a little digital scrapbooking freebie for your own creations – I really hope you enjoy it!

GRAB it HERE - Enjoy

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