Monday, March 25, 2013

New Life Mega Bundle (PU/S4H)

 The whole collab is a special collective work from 38 designers all over the world, in order to help one little girl. Her name is Anna. She has a terrible disease (cancer, neuroblastoma). To live, Anna needs to continue a very expansive treatment. As any child, Anna deserves a normal childhood.
By contributing, you will directly contribute to help her staying alive
With YOUR help she can hope having a normal life.
Thank you for your help, thank you for HER.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mariscrap on sales !!!!!

Bon scrap à tous et toutes. N'oubliez pas le petit commentaire qui fait toujours plaisir. Great scrapping. Don't miss to post some comments...I love them!! Vote for me: Best of Digital Scrapbooking Toplist The Daily Scrapper - Topsites Digital Scrapbooking

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Childrens Digital Scrapbooking Hand Painted Scene Kit FREEBIE by Carena

Hi everyone. I've been so bad at blogging but today I have something extra special to tell you about. It's the official launch of my new and unique Digital Scrapbooking - Hand Painted Kit: Panda in the Bamboo by Carena's Designs.   It's been a massive undertaking to get this kit together and after some time here is the final result. Today I have a freebie for you  - see links lower down. Remember, it's only available for a few days - so hurry to grab it before it's gone.
Many many thanks to all my readers and fans of my kits for your support. I hope to see some of your layouts in the gallery at Digidesignresort, Digitals or Scrapbook Max. It really gives me such a buzz to see my kits scrapped by you. Cheers.

Kit: Panda in the Bamboo by Carena's Designs

 Hand Painted Digital Scrapbooking Scene Kit: Panda in the Bamboo by Carena's Designs

Easily recognizable by it's distinctive black eye patches, ears and body, the giant panda features with his favourite food, bamboo, in this unique digitally hand painted scrapbooking scene kit. Here you will find a fine crafted hand painted elements that haven't been available in the scrapbooking world before.  A combination of previously traditional painting techniques have been combined into a digital art form. It's my pleasure to be able to combine my artwork into the digital world and bring to you:  Panda in the Bamboo by Carena's Designs.
  • Kit: 6 papers and 85 element
  • 9 easy to work with clusters
  • 9 gorgeous light papers
  • 9 stunning scene papers blended and worked for your pleasure
  • 4 quick pages that will work as 2 double pages (jpeg format)
  • Total: over 330 MB's of delious unique digital art to scrap with.
  • BONUS for Bundle only - Canvas Texture to really bring your art alive.
Hand Painted Elements: panda bear, chinese wagon, wagon wheel, japanese privacy screen, boy and girl, wooden stepping stone path, pond, lamp post, barrel, trees, tree stump, branches, numerous flowers and branches, vines, rocks, sign, bamboo leaves, reeds, palm, toad stools, field flowers and weeds, butterflies, bird, fern, umbrella
Please be sure to check the gallery for layouts and inspiration to really get a feel for this kit.Layouts are made using the bundle. Thank you for viewing this uniquely hand painted digital scrapbooking scene kit.


Sold with Bundle Only2 Double Quick Pages or 4 singles



Light Coloured Papers

These Papers Included with the Kit

Sold only with the Bundle

SOLD only with the BUNDLE

Another close up View
My New Signature Name for forums. It was time for a change.

Caitlyn: "So really what's the problem?"

How's this Mum?

Peek a Boo by Carena

Left Side Page

Right Side Page

Full Double page by Carena 
Pictured is my Daughter: Caitlyn

And now something that is just A M A Z I N G 
Layout by emst

Layout by emst
Elaine is such an expert at making scene pages. It has taken me some time to study all the intricate details on these 2 stunning layouts. They are indeed true master pieces. A massive thank you to Elaine for putting together such stunning pages and sharing them with us.

She is running a Scene Building Progressive challenge currently at Digidesignresort forum. Although it's already started and at Step 2 - I'm sure she would love you to join the challenge - SEE HERE

I have a Special Gift to all my Fans : Panda in the Bamboo Gift by Carena's Designs and only available for just a few short days. So be quick to grab this gift. A special thank you to you all. Be sure to LIKE my post and share on your facebook page the links if you wish. Enjoy

It's been my pleasure to bring this gift to you. Enjoy